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We believe that esports is the future of entertainment and offers thousands of job opportunities

As one of the fastest growing industries, esports has highlighted the need for professionalization: 

Analyst, Team Manager, Tournament Organizer, Content Creator, Marketing Executive, Community Manager, Sales Manager, Agent, Broadcasting Specialist, Coach, Professional Player, etc.

According to a market report by Newzoo global esports revenues have reached a year-on-year growth of 38%. Therefore, traditional endemic and non-endemic brands are expected to compete for sponsor rights in the coming years. Major telecom companies are acquiring gamer centric programming providers. Also, innovations in video streaming capabilities arrived just in time for gaming platforms and titles to capitalize on the value of their media rights. As business opportunities flourish, the industry create demand for professionals with the right mix of training, passion and knowledge.

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How to organize a competitive esports event (using the example of CS:GO, Katowice 2019)


How to manage a professional esports team (using the example of Mad Lions)


How to organize an esports event by using the truck “Big Betty”

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Esports Masters University

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Esports Masters University

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European University Esports (EUE) starts with online education

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British universities now have more gaming teams than football

For the first time there are more students taking part in “Esports” than football, according to figures compiled and British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) and  National Student E-sports (NSE).[…]

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UK’s first Esports MA Degree

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